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Editor’s Picks: 16 of the Best Bath Salts and Soaks to Relax Your Body and Soften Your Skin

You won’t want to leave the tub.
Best bath salts

People have been taking baths for centuries, but now they’re far more than just a way to get clean. Modern studies have discovered that a hot soak can help promote better sleep,[1] relieve stress,[2] reduce depression[3] and even boost metabolism.[4] 

And thanks to the newest bath products on the market, you can easily turn your tub into a spa-like experience.

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Forget the harsh, artificially-fragranced and sulfate-laden bubble baths of the past. They’ve been been replaced by gentle formulas with clean ingredients that are unlikely to disrupt your pH or cause irritation. Think: mineral-rich salts and skin-softening powders, infused with essential oils, algae, clay and other botanical ingredients.

Keep scrolling to discover the best bath salts and soaks (and why I chose them) for your next self-care session.

Editor’s Picks (At a Glance)

Best bath salts