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Editor’s Picks: 14 of the Best Body Lotions to Keep Your Skin Soft, Smooth and Moisturized

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Best body lotion

Body lotion is a must-have to moisturize dry limbs and to keep your skin smooth, soft and flake-free. Unlike body creams and butters, it sinks in fast, with no greasy residue, so you can get dressed right away. No wonder most of us use it in our daily post-shower routines (which happens to be the best time to apply it, to lock in hydration).

But with so many lotions out there, does it really matter which one you go for?

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Yes. Since body lotion covers a large surface area, you’re absorbing a lot more of it than your facial skincare. That’s why it’s so important to check what’s in the formula. There’s no point investing in the latest luxe product if it’s loaded with harmful or irritating ingredients. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to choose between a pampering experience and a lotion that’s good for your skin. Keep reading for my top body lotion picks for every preference and price point, and why I chose each one.

Editor’s Picks (At a Glance)

What to Look for in a Body Lotion