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Editor’s Picks: 15 of the Best Sheet Masks to Hydrate, Brighten and Soothe Your Skin

Holy sheet.
Best sheet masks

When sheet masks first made their way to North America, we were all obsessed (even to the point of documenting them with sheet mask selfies—remember those?!). After all, there’s nothing like the instant gratification of popping on a cool, wet mask and letting it flood your skin with moisture.

But hydration isn’t the only reason to love this skincare category. These masks—which are typically made of bamboo, cotton or cellulose, and soaked in juicy serum—have gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years.

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Now, we can choose from formulas that help with brightening, clearing, calming and plumping, thanks to ingredients like niacinamide, peptides, vitamin C and more. It’s also easier to avoid the stuff we don’t want, like fragrance and alcohol, which used to be commonplace when these products initially landed on the market. There are plenty of biodegradable options, too, which is especially important if you’re using sheet masks on a regular basis.