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Indie Lee on How She Started Her Clean Skincare Line and Why Squalane Oil is the “Holy Grail” of Moisturizers

A brain tumour diagnosis inspired her non-toxic beauty company.
Indie Lee

When I first stumbled upon Indie Lee's products a few years ago, I knew right away I HAD to own them.

First of all, the packaging is so pretty in that luxurious yet minimalistic way. Second, the ingredients are right up my alley: all-natural, non-toxic, and without fillers or synthetics. (Plus, everything is cruelty-free.)

Third, how perfect is the name "Indie Lee" for an indie skincare brand?! 

Then I found out that Indie Lee is actually a real person. And she has an incredible story. Spoiler alert: A brush with death became the impetus for creating a clean skincare line (and whipping up the first formulas in her own kitchen!).

Now, the brand can be found everywhere from Sephora to Anthropologie, and most recently, Nordstrom. When Indie was in town for the launch, I got to sit down with her to chat about how she got started, and all things green beauty. I'll warn you now, her positivity is infectious!

Indie Lee

Photo: @indie_lee