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How to Do Jennifer Lopez’s Skincare Routine

50 is the new 30.
Jennifer Lopez skincare routine

In case you missed it, Jennifer Lopez recently turned 52 (I repeat, 52!). And yet her skin looks like this—not a day over 35.

Just don’t tell her that she looks good for her age. “You never want to hear you look great for 50. You want people to just go, wow, you look amazing. ‘Oh my God, she’s 50.’ It’s like, does it matter? You’re just your best self, no matter what.”[1]

Even still, she admits that her impossibly youthful-looking complexion is a frequent topic of conversation. “Wherever I go, the number one question people ask is, ‘What do you do for your skin?’ Even my closest friends are like, ‘Come on, bitch, what are you doing with your skin?’”

That’s why she recently launched JLo Beauty, a product range inspired by her five skin essentials: sleep, sunscreen, serums, supplements and vivir sano (Spanish for “living a healthy lifestyle”).

Of those, she credits sunscreen the most. “A dermatologist told me at a very young age to use sunscreen. That was a big part of why I was able to stay youthful-looking, because I used it as my moisturizer every single day.”[2]

Since then, her basic routine hasn’t changed—and it doesn’t include any high-tech anti-aging ingredients, let alone cosmetic interventions. “I have to say, I have good genes. My mom and my grandma had beautiful skin, so I was blessed in that way. I haven’t had any plastic surgery... or injectables or fillers or anything like that.”[3]

Here’s how Jennifer takes care of her skin, inside and out.

Jennifer Lopez’s Skincare Routine (At a Glance)

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Her Morning Skincare Routine

JLo Beauty That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser
Lancer The Method Cleanse Normal-Combination Skin
JLo Beauty That JLo Glow Serum
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream
JLo Beauty That Big Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer

Her Nighttime Skincare Routine

JLo Beauty That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser
Lancer The Method Cleanse Normal-Combination Skin
JLo Beauty That JLo Glow Serum
JLo Beauty That Blockbuster
La Mer Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream
JLo Beauty That Fresh Take

Her Skincare Treatments

JLo Beauty That Limitless Glow


Lancer Dermatology Clinic: “What I can tell you about Jennifer Lopez is that... what we do on her, we do the same thing as everybody else. She does not do a million things to her face. [We do a standard facial.]” — Louise Deschamps, Jennifer’s facialist 

Microcurrent, Microdermabrasion and Light Therapy

CACI Ultimate System: “She loved it so much she wanted a machine at home.” — a Life & Style source

Her Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle

JLo Beauty That Inner Love Dietary Supplement


“Lots of water. Believe it or not, it does help keep your weight down. It obviously keeps you hydrated. For me, it just feels good. It’s mostly what I drink all the time. I don’t count [how many glasses], I just drink it all day.”

Alcohol, Smoking and Caffeine

“I don’t drink or smoke or have caffeine. That really wrecks your skin as you get older.”


“I also frequently get massages to loosen up my body and have toxins flushed out of my body.”


“Meditation is one of my secrets for looking and feeling better. I also definitely think beauty comes from within—you have to have keep your mind, soul, body and spirit in sync. I am a firm believer in meditating, and when you are happy and feel joy and love, you radiate beauty.”


“Affirmations are so important. I am youthful and timeless. I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. It sounds like clichéd bullshit, but it’s not. Age is all in your mind. Look at Jane Fonda.”


“I heard this saying once when I was younger: Until 25, you get the face you’re born with, but after 25, you get the face you deserve. And I was like, oh, act accordingly. You have to be a nice, beautiful person on the inside if you want to have your face reflect that. You become what you think and how you act.”

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